Summerset Marine Helps Their Customers Plan the Custom Pier of Their Dreams

Southeastern Wisconsin is home to some of the most beautiful waterfront properties in the state. It stands to reason these properties are in need of a pier so they can have full access to the water, for boating, fishing, or swimming fun. Summerset Marine is dedicated to helping their customers achieve the beautiful piers of their dreams. They have been providing these services to home and business owners in the Southeastern Wisconsin area since 1990 and continue to be one of the largest pier dealers in the state.

When a home or business owner is in need of a pier, they often have very specific ideas in mind as to how it will be used. Having a custom pier built is an important step towards making a waterfront property more usable but it is important home and business owners are careful in who they choose to design, build, and install their pier. When a company uses inferior products, a pier will not last as long as it should. This is why so many rely on Summerset to help them create piers that will stand up to the demands water construction leads to.

Docks and Piers are designed to a customer’s specifications, keeping in mind the ways they will use these water constructions. The company manufacturers two types of products, including their All Seasons Pier and their Lifetime Classic Pier. Both of these can be viewed at

The All Seasons Pier is ideal for bays and areas that are sheltered. These can be installed in any season and offer durable construction against Wisconsin’s sometimes brutal winters. The Lifetime Classic Pier has the look of a traditional wooden pier without the upkeep since it is made entirely from aluminum. The legs on this pier are adjustable so they can be installed in a variety of waterfront conditions. Those home and business owners who are interested in these two types should visit Summerset Marine.

Summerset Marine is dedicated to helping their customers with the piers and boat lifts they are in need of. Instead of working out of a mobile vehicle, they have a brick and mortar location so customers can stop in any time and get the help and service they need. Staff members are available during regular business hours to answer questions or take care of orders. If you are interested in working with Summerset Marine to build your pier project, check them out at Summerset Marine.

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